Baie-Johan-Beetz Outfitter

Baie-Johan-Beetz Outfitter has exclusive rights to three watersheds, the Watshishou River, the Piashti River and Little Piashti Lake, forming a superb playground populated by five salmonids: Atlantic salmon, sea trout, Arctic char, speckled trout and ouananiche! 

The outfitter is anchored between boreal nature and Mingan cultures, surrounded by landscapes shaped by the sea, bogs covered with fruits and wild plants, impetuous waterfalls and islets where to get lost.



With a tradition, this outfitter is a well-kept secret that has been passed on between people passionate about the beauty and richness of this magical place.

At the dawn of the 21st century, one of the greatest challenges facing humanity is the preservation of our natural resources, the protection of this small blue planet that is running out. It is also a matter of life or death for this biodiversity so precious for our future.
We decided to take up this challenge, in our own way, guided by an ecological humanism. The preservation of vast territories, countless lakes and rivers where we have exclusive rights, are the cornerstone of our approach based on mutual aid with Indigenous peoples, strong in their history and ancestral relationship with nature.

We invite you to live in harmony with the territory, also live from it, while respecting its balance and load capacity.
We are committed, in our relationship with the territory, to preserve forever its natural heritage without resorting to any artificial intervention.
Passionate we act in the respect of the millennial traditions that the indigenous cultures maintain with the territory: take just what is necessary in the present moment, share the harvest, and thank the nature for its generosity.
So it also happens to us the luxury of enjoying a fish in the evening around a shared feast, fish kept, because wounded.

We invite you to an immersive stay in the heart of the community.