Sustainable fishing at the heart of our territories

At the dawn of the 21st century, one of the greatest challenges facing mankind is the preservation of our natural resources, and the protection of this little blue planet which is running out of water. It's also a matter of life and death for the biodiversity that is so precious to our future. We have decided to take up this challenge, in our own way, guided by an ecological humanism. The preservation of immense territories, countless lakes and rivers where we have exclusive rights, is the cornerstone of our approach based on mutual assistance with indigenous peoples, with their strong history and ancestral relationship with nature. After years of shared reflection and concerted work in the field with our aboriginal partners, we have created a sanctuary in La Pourvoirie, a veritable Garden of Eden that we want to share with all those who believe it is possible to travel differently, for longer, taking the time to share, to better live our passion for sport fishing and, more generally, for the wild world. Good fisheries management and respect for "living things" are at the heart of our concerns and commitments. More than the result of a study, it's a question of common sense and individual survival. In this respect, we passionate anglers, sentinels of the aquatic environment, must assume our responsibilities and be more vigilant and respectful than ever of our partners in the game. Long gone are the days when, like our Innu and Inuit friends, we fished and hunted simply to survive.

Piashti River 6 kilometers  Ford or canoe  8 pits
Little Watshishou River 21 kilometers  Ford or canoe  

By joining our small groups of privileged anglers who come each season to live a life-size experience on our lakes and rivers with high salmon-farming value, you in turn will contribute, through your participation and involvement, to the success of the most beautiful of battles!

Sportsmanship that respects our playing partners, as well as the cultures and traditions that live on at this outfitter.

While some of our lakes and rivers, with exclusive rights, are reserved for fly fishing only, others allow fishing with modern lures. Whether it's a question of approach or affinity for one technique or another, the philosophy behind them all remains the same. Fishing is not an object of consumption; it is meant to be respectful of fish and their environment, based on the principle of "no trace".

Basic technical principles

  • We recommend releasing all catches in the best possible conditions.
  • The use of single barbless hooks is mandatory for both fly and lure fishing. Only Northern pike fishing may require the use of a treble hook (crushed barbs), depending on the type of lure used.
  • All our guides are equipped with a wide, rubber-meshed landing net to avoid damaging the fish's mucus and scales.
  • Our guides will be happy to share their expertise with you, both in taking photos and in releasing fish back into the water.

Our approach

  • We want to live in harmony with La pourvoirie, and to live from it, while respecting its balance and carrying capacity.
  • In our relationship with La pourvoirie, we are committed to preserving its natural heritage forever, without recourse to artificial intervention.
  • We share our passion with you, respecting the age-old traditions that indigenous cultures have maintained with La pourvoirie: taking just what is needed in the moment, pooling the harvest, and thanking nature for her generosity.
  • We also advocate the luxury of savouring a fish in the evening over a shared feast - a fish that is kept because it is wounded.

Service included

Service with supplements

  • Internet access
  • Emergency communication
  • Shared bathroom
  • Automatic heating system
  • Personal flotation jacket