Exhibition of Prints by Chantal Harvey
at Château Johan-Beetz

Chantal Harvey, a dedicated artist, showcases her remarkable prints at Château Johan-Beetz, reflecting her deep connection to the serene landscapes of the North Shore. Currently residing and working in her studio in Baie-Johan-Beetz, Chantal draws inspiration from the inherent beauty of nature and the breathtaking panoramas of the North Shore. Her work captures the essence of the flora and fauna she encounters in her daily life.

With international recognition and numerous accolades to her name, Chantal's exhibitions serve as immersive journeys through the northern territories. Each piece on display invites viewers to embark on a visual exploration of the richness and beauty of the natural world. Stepping into her studio is more than an art experience; it is an invitation to appreciate the diverse emotions she channels into her creations and to gain a heightened awareness of the magnificence that envelops us in nature.