Welcome to Mr Beetz

an unmissable stopover for any traveler passing through Minganie. Here, locals and visitors come together for a friendly, comforting culinary experience, showcasing the region's produce.

"Mr Beetz" and his team create dishes around market produce.

Ingredients are sourced locally, from artisanal production and short supply chains, with an eye to biodiversity and sustainable development.



At Mr Beetz, it's the taste of the land that takes precedence, and the fun, friendly atmosphere invites conversation and discovery.
 Fresh, local ingredients are combined in inventive ways to create original, delicious dishes that offer a palette of flavors and curiosities. 

For its second year, Mr Beetz will be offering a unique gastronomic experience, organized around two concepts: the Cantine at lunchtime and the Table d'hôtes in the evening.

New menu every day

Quebec pantry. Written on slate. Proposal of 3 to 4 dishes/ day.

On the menu: Soup or salad of the day

Natashquan Crab Cakes, Minganie Herb Coulis, Homemade Gravlax, Trout Fry, Guédilles du jour, Fish & Chips Tartare Sauce, Tourtières, Seafood Lasagne, Lobster, etc… Desserts

For a quick and tasty meal, we offer ready-to-eat takeout

At Mr. Beetz’s

we share a common table, we celebrate, we talk, and we disconnect networks with pleasure.

Like lunch; blind menu according to the market and the same philosophy.

The cuisine is more gourmet and time is taken.



Evening menu

For dinner, let yourself be surprised by our evening menu, created according to the fresh products of the market. The slate offers a choice of 2 starters, 2 main courses, and 2 exquisite desserts. At the end of the meal, enjoy our delicious goat cheese to the beggars. In addition, as a treat, we offer sweets, including our irresistible maple pecan pie.


For lunch, choose our blind menu, carefully designed according to the best finds on the market.

Single price at $85
The number of seats is limited to 15 people to preserve the authenticity of the moment and our chef operates in an “old-fashioned” kitchen like those of our grandmothers.

Among the dishes proposed on the slate, the chef promises us surprising flavors

Marinated trout, Salmon gravlax, druid herbs, Egg in meurette, local wine, The excellent pumpkin soup, The sea urchin with avocado Lobsters, vanilla sauce or garlic butter, Kulibiac salmon crust Beef carbonnade with maple syrup, Northern Berry Pork Stir-Fry…

A whole culinary program to enjoy and discover in good company!
Mr Beetz also stands out for its original location
Find Chez Mr Beetz in the first two rooms of the Castle, as well as on the verandas and on the rocks overlooking the bay. The furniture is created by our own carpenter using reclaimed wood. The atmosphere is bohemian chic, slightly offbeat and bold: «We wake up Mr Beetz!»

Place of conviviality. Festive house and festive spirit. Experiential, social and fun meal!
The Table d'hôtes will be located in the main dining room of the Château. The authentic furniture, embellished with some elegant and contemporary touches, creates a warm and friendly atmosphere for family dinners or romantic dinners.

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